Pipework Damper for Steel Chimney - Heating Power Plant Hannover-Linden / Germany

Heating Power Plant Hannover Linden - Pipework Damper for Steel Chimney
General Arrangement Drawing
Pipework dampers installed at roof level
Assembly of the chimney
Heating Power Plant Hannover Linden - Pipework Damper for Steel Chimney
Heating Power Plant Hannover Linden/Germany - Pipework Damper for Steel Chimney
Scope of supply
8 Pipework damper, Type RRD..TU
Foundation Engineering
Ing.-Büro Kaldenbach, Lohmar
1997 / 98
Dyn. Calculation
Prof. H.W. Klein, Universität Paderborn / Meschede
Technical concept
The dynamic behaviour of slim structures such as columns or chimneys is a main design criteria. In case of wind excitation steel chimneys are particularly susceptible to vibrations due to the low internal material damping. Different methods are used today to improve the dynamic behaviour of a structure and to increase the allowable stress . In case of chimneys tuned mass dampers are often attached at the top of the structure.
However, in this case a different approach was taken. Due to the structural circumstances several standard VISOCDAMPERS® were arranged at the roof level of the building and connected to the chimney. This technically simple solution increases the internal structural damping over a wide frequency range and to such a degree that resonance amplifications are prevented and stresses are in acceptable limits. In addition, the system is active already during the construction phase of the chimney, and if necessary, it can be easily reached and maintained.